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PS Branded - Fabric Frame (Small)

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PS Branded can print any design you would like on our range of fabrics. The new digital print technology allows us to create some very breathtaking promotional Fabric Frame Prints that were just not possible a few years ago. We are still looking for new visual effects and ways to combine old and new technologies to create ever more visually stunning Designs for our clients. Most commercially available fabric is rotary screen printed. Each print run is usually several thousand yards. The high minimums are usually due to the time and cost required to prepare a unique set of screens, with each colour in a design requiring a separate screen.

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  •  and the main advantage of digital printing is the ability to do very small runs of each design – Custom Design – as there are no screens to prepare. The inkjet printing technology used in digital printing was first patented in 1968. It was only in the 1990s that inkjet printers became widely available for paper printing applications. Thankfully, technology has continued to develop, and there are now many specialized wide-format printers that can handle a variety of substrates; everything from vinyl to canvas and paper, and yes, fabric.

    Specially Formulated Inks

    The inks used in digital fabric printing are formulated specifically for each type of fiber (silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, etc.). Throughout the printing process, the fabric is fed though the printer using rollers. Ink is applied to the surface in the form of thousands of tiny droplets. The fabric is then finished using heat or steam to cure the ink, with some inks also requiring washing and drying.

    Designs are created digitally, and can be designed with nearly any type of graphic design software. Alternatively, existing artwork or even photographs can be scanned and then digitally manipulated to make a beautiful and memorable pattern. Designs are usually created as a seamless pattern that is repeated across the fabric. However, it is possible to create a design that fills an entire yard without repeating any part of the design.

    Expert Digital Fabric Printing

    We specialise in beautifully designed digital fabric printing, which can be used for branding and advertising purposes in many different applications. One of our most popular products, industrial fabric frames, are used in various settings, from tradeshow exhibitions to in-store promotions and other retail areas. The Deco Art print is ideal for displaying photos or any other type of high-resolution images.

    Enliven any space with this neat, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing digital fabric print. As it features a textured surface, this fabric canvas provides for optimal picture depth and contrast, and most importantly, it is a breeze to clean. Holes can also be pre-moulded into the frame for easy wall mounting. As there are zero hard materials used like aluminium or wood, it is extremely light and easily maneuverable.

    This is just one example of how we can use digital fabric printing to produce beautifully branded products to boost your advertising campaigns. Tap into our expertise and enjoy all the benefits that come with partnering with an industry leader. We are ready to provide you with all the advice and service needed to make the best decision regarding your company’s branding needs. To learn more about us, and for expert branding solutions, contact us today.

  • Aluminium Frames
  • Do not put up your umbrella in bad weather – i.e. strong winds, heavy rain or snow. If you have put up the umbrella already, be sure to take it down immediately in case of bad weather. When you put up your Portable Shade Product, be sure to extent the frame completely.



    Note: Temperature changes and moisture in the air can cause dew or condensation to appear outside and inside a marquee. This is normal and does not mean the marquee is leaking.

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